What is Solar PV?

25 January 2017
What is Solar PV?

PV or photovoltaic solar panels turn daylight into free electricity. 
These operate completely differently from solar hot water collectors. When daylight strikes a PV solar panel, a DC electrical current is generated. If you arrange several of these panels on a roof in series, the current becomes significant. This DC current then travels down to an inverter, which converts the electricity from DC to AC. All homes in Ireland use AC power to run all the standard electrical items in the house. 

PV solar panels provide you with free energy and free electricity to power your TV, kettle, toaster, phone charger, radio, oven and so on. The amount of free electricity that your PV panels generate is guaranteed for at least 20 years. That gives you peace of mind long into the future.

Monaghan Electrical are now the sole distributor of UKSOL Solar PV Panels in Ireland. UKSOL only uses high quality materials and grade “A” cells in the manufacturing process. 

UKSOL solar PV panels come with a 12 year product warranty and a 30 year performance warranty. Within the first 10 years, we expect the output of our panel to be at least 90% of what it produced on the first day it was installed. 

What is an Inverter?

Fronius Inverters

To convert the DC current created by the PV Panel to AC current an Inverter is required. Monaghan Electrical are a distributor of the Fronius range of Inverters. 
Working with Inverter technology has never been as easy as it is with the new SnapINverter generation. The Inverters impress with their thoroughly sophisticated design and interfaces and integrated All-in-one communication package, which comes as standard. 
The Fronius SnapINverter can be used for all PV Systems including UKSOL from a single family home to large scale PV installations. All Fronius Inverters come with a 7 year warranty.

Solar Roof Mounting System
The Grasol Mounting system is made from custom built aluminium extrusions and components. Grasol innovated design and improved frame strength greatly simplify solar panel installation. The versatile design makes it suitable for a wide variety of building types and zones including residential, commercial and remote environments, backed up by a 10 year warranty.

Typical Solar PV System Consists Of:

Solar PV Panels 
Mounting Frame 
MC4 Solar Connectors 
DC Isolator 
AC Isolator  
Solar PV Cable