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Carbon Monoxide Alarm Mains Powered 230V C/W Rechargeable Battery Backup Ei261ENRC

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Carbon Monoxide Alarm Mains Powered 230V C/W Rechargeable Battery Backup Ei261ENRC
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Carbon Monoxide Alarm
Mains Powered 230V~Remote System Control Capability & Rechargeable Battery Back-Up
  • Remote System Control capability
  • Easi-fit base
  • Proven electrochemical sensor
  • Tamper-proof rechargeable Lithium battery back-up
  • Unique easy to replace sensor module
  • Memory feature records if CO has been detected
  • Easy to use Test/Hush button
  • Automatic self diagnostics
  • Pre alarm led flashes at 50ppm CO
  • Loud distinctive alarm (85 dB(A) at 3 metres)
  • Power, alarm and fault indicator lights
  • End of life indicator
  • Interconnectable to other Ei mains powered alarms
  • Fast CO test mode
  • Kitemarked to BSEN 50291:2001
  • 5 Year guarantee (limited)
Product Description
The Ei261ENRC is a Carbon Monoxide(CO) alarm powered by 230V AC mains power, and has built in tamper proof rechargeable Lithium cells that act as a battery back up in the event of mains failure. These rechargeable Lithium cells are designed to have a ten-year life and outlast the life of the CO alarm. They will provide up to 4 weeks of CO alarm operation without mains power. The Ei261ENRC also has Remote Control capability - allowing the alarm to be controlled remotely from a Control Switch (Ei1529RC). This then allows remote Test, Locate and Hush functions to be performed. If the Ei261ENRC is also interconnected to other Ei „RC‟ mains powered alarms, then the whole system can be controlled remotely. Up to twelve alarms can be interconnected. A Manual Call Point (MCP401RC) is also available. The Ei261ENRC is supplied with an Easi-Fit base that allows very quick and simple installation of the alarm, combined with simple removal and replacement. The Easi-Fit base automatically connects both mains power and battery as the alarm slides on to the base. The Ei261ENRC uses a high performance electrochemical sensor to sense CO presence. The sensor can be replaced after 5 years to provide a combined 10 year protection against CO gas. The Ei261ENRC has built in circuitry to aid suppression of voltage transients and RF interference to further reduce the chances of false alarms.


  • The green indicator will illuminate to show mains power is present
  • The horn will sound and the red indicator will flash at different speeds to indicate the presence of various levels of CO gas – slow flash indicating low levels and rapid flash to indicate high levels
  • The horn will beep and the amber indicator will flash every 40 seconds to indicate a fault on the sensor
  • The horn will beep every 40 seconds to indicate a the battery back up is depleted and needs recharging
  • The “Test/Hush” button will either silence false alarms (ifbriefly pressed) or perform a unit self test (if pressed and held). Note that the alarm cannot be silenced when sensing a CO level of 300ppm or above
  • Memory Feature – after the unit has been in alarm, the red indicator will flash every 40 seconds at a rate indicating the CO level previously detected.
  • Pressing the “Test/Hush” button will also cause the red indicator to flash at a rate specific to the previously sensed CO level.
  • When interconnected to other Ei mains powered alarms, an alarm on one detector will trigger all other interconnected alarms (only the triggered alarm will flash a red indicator)


230 V