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Beken Festoon 1.5mm Cable Lead 5 'T' Connection Points 27m HT19 Quick Connect IP67 230v HT194527

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Beken Festoon 1.5mm Cable Lead 27m HT19 Quick Connect IP67 5 'T' Connection Points 230v HT194527
  • IP67
  • 4.5 meter spacing
  • 5 tees for lamps or tubes
  • HT19
  • 1.5mm cable
€ 84.33

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This 230V Festoon cable lead plug & play system is 27 metres long, IP67, has 5 HT19 connection tees for 5 lamps / tubes spaced 4.5 metres apart, can be tied / clipped in place greatly reducing installation time
  • 5 tees for 5 lamps / tubes, 4.5m spacing
  • IP67 27M 1.5mm rubber cable
  • One male and one female connection end
  • IP67 HT19 waterproof connectors
  • Anti-aging cable
  • Compatible with all Beken HT19 products
  • Can be extended in length using link leads




230 Vac