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2 Core Brown Braided Flexible Cable

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2 Core Brown Braided lighting cable.

  • This coloured lighting cable is ideal for decorative lighting.
  • This woven silk fabric flex can cut the cable to any required length. The braided cable looks well in historic lighting and traditional lighting fixtures.
  • Braided flex colours:black, brown, gold, red, cream and white.
  • Operating temperatures:+105o C maximum outer insulation temperature
  • Insulation colours: 2 cores:blue, brown.
  • Operating voltage: 300 V
  • Relevant standard: Construction of the core is tinned copper strands insulated with 180o C FEP Teflon® to ' IMQ ' standard ref. A2641. A reinforcing layer of 105oC PVC is extruded prior to braiding and twisting.
  • This product is sold by the meter in continuous lengths