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Ener-J 1 Gang Wireless Dimmable Switch White Body WS1024

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Ener-J 1 Gang Wireless Dimmable Switch White Body
No Battery, No Wiring, No Wi-Fi. This Switch is Self-Powered, and dimmable (Switch only)
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Ener-J 1 Gang Wireless Dimmable Switch White Body WS1024​
  • No Battery, No Wiring & No WiFi Required- Innovative kinetic energy technology used to produce electricity. The switch can be installed wherever without running additional wires; No need to connect Wi-Fi & tear walls; save material cost & engineer labour fee! Eco-Friendly.
  • Secure Wireless Signal - Encrypted wireless signal can go through walls without interference problems.
  • Designed to fit seamlessly into any decor - the wall switch and receiver are self-powered and can be used with any light; halogen, incandescent, CFL bulbs, fluorescent tubes, LED lighting, etc. The small receiver fits can fit in limited space scenarios, such as electrical junction box, lights canopy, recessed box, existing switch box, hidden in ceiling or surface mounting, etc.
  • Safety & Easy to Install - No power needed, no complex facility, no complicated setup, only two easy steps for installation & pairing! Anyone can do it with some basic experience in wiring. Durable & Flexible Coding - This switch uses encrypted wireless signal protocols & has passed a 200,000 use endurance test,with an aproximate 20 years lifetime. One switch can control multiple lights or multiple switches control a single light, like 1-2 way, 3-way, multi-ways switch.
Switch Technical Parameters: 
  • Power Supply: Micro energy acquisition and self-generating power
  • Operating Frequency: 433MHz
  • Control Distance:160m (outdoor),30m (indoor)
  • Control Method: Pairing with our wireless receiver
  • Waterproof: IP56 for Switches
  • Number of Gangs (Keys):1
  • Usage On/Off Times: 200,000
  • Dimensions: L85mm x W85mm x H15mm
  • Weight: 86g